VMware Fling – vIDM Migration

A new VMware Fling from Chris Halstead is available. With that you can migrate all Applications and Entitlements from one vIDM instance to another (on-premise and SaaS). The Export and Import use the standard built in APIs of VMware Identity Manager (vIDM). The Entitlements will be saved in an XML-File and will be imported from there in the new vIDM instance. Take a look here for a short Demo: vIDM Migration ...
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Synthetic intelligence

Today I will describe a little bit around synthetic intelligence. All of you surely has heard about such kind of technology like Amazon Echo with Alexa voice assistent. Long time I observed this kind of technology before I want to buy one of these boxes. Amazon has different kind of his Echo boxes first generation Echo, Echo dot and 2nd generation Echo Plus, Echo, Echo Show, Echo spot and further the Echo buttons. I has chosen the Echo 1st Generation, why, good price, good speaker and Home ...
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VMware Horizon Air Desktop and VMware Horizon Air Apps

Was ist genau ist VMware Horizon Air Desktops and Apps? Oder Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS)? VMware Horizon Air Desktops and Apps stellt virtuelle Desktops und Applikationen (folglich Apps) in der Cloud von VMware auf monatlicher Mietbasis dar. Das Ganze wird in einem Datacenter von VMware gehostet. Hierbei sei zu erwähnen, VMware hat auch ein Datacenter bzw. Rechenzentrum in Deutschland! Die Anwender (folglich User) oder Kunden, bekommen einen einfachen, schnellen und sicheren Zugang zu ihrer ...
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