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Horizon Cloud on Azure – Onboarding

First of all, you have to fulfil all the pre-requisites for the Pod creation. Additionally, be aware that you make sure that no policies which you have potentially set in your Azure environment are blocking or restrict the successful creation of Pod components in your environment. Of course, in case you are a current Microsoft Azure customer. If that is a totally green field approach (new deployment), then you can skip that point.

Check the Microsoft Azure default policies if there is something which could get you in trouble like blocking the creation of networks.

I will list below a lot of sources which will help you with the onboarding and creation of your new Pod in Horizon Cloud on Azure.

Horizon Cloud on Azure requirements Checklist for new Pod deployments

The link above includes some more detailed information so I listed it for your connivence. This link is the updated version so please check that as well.

In the pre-requisites you will find all information around the Cloud Control Plane, Pods, Connector, Active Directory, DNS, Ports, protocols, Universal Broker and the licensing of the Microsoft Operating System.

Important to understand is that the My VMware account or VMware Cloud services account that initially made the license request or better purchase will be associated with the license. That is the person who can login to the environment as an administrator. The Horizon Cloud tenant account will be associated with that account. That means, this account will get the welcome message which is your starting point as mentioned in the article (Horizon Cloud on Azure – How to start with subscription).

But what can you do if the person who requested the license is not the one which will be the administrator of the environment? Well, you have to clarify which person will be the administrator or the administrators and this persons has to make a VMware Support request and let them authorize their My VMware account for the Horizon Cloud Service tenant account. That request has to be make through non-technical Support request in Customer connect. You will find the description here.

If the person who requested the license is the administrator and you want to add additional administrator, you can do that by your own. Find the detailed description here.

I hope that will help you with your 1st onboarding and deployment of VMware Horizon Cloud on Azure.

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