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Okta has a very good capability called Okta Org2Org. With that function (application) you can combine 2 Okta organisations or better to say tenants together. Why is such a capability important or of interest? Well, if we think about merger & acquisition, you can very fast integrate the new company. Or we think about project based tasks, contract workers, consultants etc., you can give them fast access to the necessary services and applications without changing their environment and kind of access.

To make that at the end easy to consume and access, we will configure Single-Sign-On (SSO) to the partner company.

Ok, let´ s start and check out the videos.

How to configure
How the result look like
How it looks like on an user device

So, in the leading (dev) organisation you can integrate VMware Workspace ONE for instance which will manage all your devices fleet, give you access to Office 365 or other services while in the Partner organisation you only provide access to certain services and only restricted groups.

Example: In the partner organisation you provide access to development tools for your developers and engineering people but prevent access from others. The developers can be 3rd party contractors.

You can configure to have all devices from your Sales guys are fully managed by Workspace ONE to prevent data loss and implement a zero trust strategy while your consulting people have additionally access to some tools and services in the Partner organisation for the fulfilment of several implementation tasks which the Sales people do not need.

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