Horizon – Brokering
Horizon Golden Master – Best practice
Horizon Cloud on Azure
Horizon Cloud on Azure – How to start with subscription
App Volumes – Prepare provisioning machine / VM
Horizon Cloud on Azure – Onboarding
SAML SSO Okta Org2Org
Oktane 21 – Oktas Identity vision
Workspace ONE – ISO, compliance, security
App Volumes – Microsoft restriction an example

Identity and Access Management (IAM)

This section will describe all around Identity and Access Management.

Some background and wording clarification:

Authentication – AuthN – is “who you are?” or oAuthN (oAuth)
Authorization – AuthZ – is “what can you do?” oAuthz (oAuth)

Authorization depends on Authentication!

I will describe around SAML, Single-Sign_on (SSO), oAuth/2, Open ID connect (OIDC) and how to implement it, test it and which use cases you potentially can achieve with that.

This section will be divided into the different Vendor.

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