Workspace ONE Access Connector support

VMware has recently end up the support for the Workspace ONE Access connector in the versions 19.0.3 and Why is that important for the customers? If you as a customer has implemented that version of Workspace ONE Access connector but additionally use Horizon for your VDI Infrastructure and it doesn´t matter if it is the pure virtual desktop infrastructure with full blown desktops or only published application or published desktops.

If so, the end of support meant for you, you have to upgrade to version 20.01. of the Workspace ONE Access connector for instance to get full support for your environment.

The problem with that is though, if you do that, you will get an issue with your Horizon environment. Reason behind it is that with the version 20.01 of the Workspace ONE Access connector Virtual Apps collection are not supported at the current time. The same is valid for Citrix.

If you remember there was an rearchitecting of the Workspace ONE Access connector and the kind of usage.

The usual end of general support date was 1st July 2021. Now the good news are, the support was extended by VMware for the versions 19.0.3 and of the Workspace ONE Access connector (Windows) till end of the year (31st December 2021).

The official statement or kb:

Support extension Workspace ONE Access connector.

So, if you use Horizon in any kind, please keep the version of the Workspace ONE Access connector 19.0.3 or till the newer version support Virtual Apps Collection.

Caution: If you have start the update process, don´t be worried, you will be guided through the process and a check will happen if you can upgrade or better to say if you use Horizon etc. If so, you get a warning. Then you can cancel the process and all will further works fine. There is an included kind of “rollback”.

BUT, if you confirm to upgrade and its done you can´t go back anymore!

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