UAG config issue – tunnel

If you use VMware Unified Access Gateway (UAG) in your environment and start the configuration, it could happen that you will get an issue I´ve ran into. I want to make you aware of that.

In my case I configured the tunnel functionality at the UAG, hit save and wondered why it not works.

The bad thing about that is not really the issue itself but that you don´t get any response about that you have misconfigured anything or a message there is an issue.

I´ll describe a little bit whats happended. In the configuration webpage of UAG, if you change something or configure a setting, but you have had type in the wrong username like “admin” instead of “admin_xxx” and hit save. It tells you configuration saved successfully without any error message.

But if the username is wrong, what happened is, that the tunnel configuration in my case will be always disabled after you save and open the configuration again. I just wondered why the configuration is always shown as disabled if I configured it. I have start troubleshooting and voila, the issue is the wrong username.

If you put in the correct username and hit save all will be fine and the enable button will keep enabled.

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