Take advantage of new Workspace ONE UEM console in older version

If you use an older version of the Workspace ONE UEM Console which maybe don’t have the same features like your newer one, there is a little trick to take advantage of some features in the older Version as well. First of all, be careful with it, no guarantee and its your own risk! Regarding Profiles, what you can do is for instance, searching in the newer Version of the console for a profile like Windows updates or so. Select the Profile and in the upper left corner choose XML. That ...
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Android Zero touch

Android Zero Touch Enrolment What is Zero touch enrolment? This is a kind of enrolment of Android Devices by themselve out of the box as work-managed Device. An Explanation of differences between the several enrolment methods, I have had described in another Article (Android Enterprise).   Some Advantages as a simple overview: Administrators don´t need to provision each device individually , they can create a config and assign it to a bulk of devices which will be automatically ...
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AirWatch and Android Enterprise

AirWatch will enable Android Enterprise as standard for Android Management after deprecation of Device Administrator from Google.   What is Device Administrator on Android? It was the underlaying OS privilege that used to ask on the Android OS. Usually you know it from the prompt if an App ask for privileges if you install it? For example if you download the AirWatch Agent to enrol the Device you get an prompt where the Agent ask for Device Administrator. If got that privileges the ...
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