Windows 10 Management

Windows 10 Kiosk / Multi Kiosk Mode

You can use a Windows 10 Device as a Kiosk or Multi Kiosk Device as well as you probably know from a Tablet. The Use Case behind it is to make sure that only defined Applications or a Group of it can be used with the Device. How to configure it: Devices - Profiles and Resources - Profiles - Add Profile - Windows - Windows Desktop - Device Profile Fill in the general Information of the Profile like Name, Assignment Type, Smartgroup to which you want it to assign to. Then choose ...
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Windows 10 Startmenu customization

If you have Windows 10 Operating System (OS) in your Business / Company and want to set a default Startmenu Layout for the Devices, there is a simple way to do it. Another use case could be that you have had a customised Layout on your Devices and want to make sure that this will be in place on the new Devices as well. You can make use of the Microsoft PowerShell command: Export-StartLayout -path “path for export” This PowerShell command will export the Startmenu Layout. ...
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