IP range

Workspace ONE Access connector – Microservice

As most of you properly know, the architecture for the Workspace ONE Access connector was fully redesigned. What does that mean? The Workspace ONE Access connector is completely rebuilt from scratch and is now based on Microservices. As mentioned in my blog post regarding the upgrade of the connector there is a lot to be aware of before upgrading (Workspace ONE Access connector support). There is an upgrade script available on the VMware website as well. The new "design" of the ...
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Horizon Helpdesk Tool

Usually, in the daily business of IT operations there will be the need to have remote assistance sometimes. Better to say, the IT administrators need a tool to support remotely their folks. Especially, if you think about distributed workforce. Ok, in the past, the companies used 3rd party tools like TeamViever or VNC for that. But what if you can have an integrated tool and capability for that? I will show you which capabilities VMware Horizon offer with his Help Desk Tool which is ...
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Workspace ONE SaaS SLA, IPs, Service status

In my last role as an Solution / Sales Engineer I was often asked about where can I find as a customer information regarding which IP ranges I have to enable or allow at my firewall, do you have some information regarding SLAs for the services or where can we check if there was an service issue with some of the Workspace ONE services? But maybe you search for things like which certifications are available for which VMware products. Here you go: IP ranges Workspace ONE Access ...
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