Workspace ONE Access connector – Microservice

As most of you properly know, the architecture for the Workspace ONE Access connector was fully redesigned. What does that mean? The Workspace ONE Access connector is completely rebuilt from scratch and is now based on Microservices. As mentioned in my blog post regarding the upgrade of the connector there is a lot to be aware of before upgrading (Workspace ONE Access connector support). There is an upgrade script available on the VMware website as well. The new "design" of the ...
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VMware Horizon Network Ports, Diagram and Communication Flows

In case you have to Design or implement a VMware Horizon Infrastructure for your Customer or Company for instance, first of all you need a good understanding about Network, Ports, Protocols and the overall communication flow to make your Design or Implementation a success. Another important piece is experience, do never underrate experience in that case. Really helpful in that case is a good overview about all Network Ports, Protocols and a clearly diagram which makes it easier for you to ...
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