mobile strategy

Workspace ONE – Compliance Policy

Yesterday I got the question how to handle compliance policies for mobile Devices to make sure they will be fulfilled and otherwise what will happen if I update one after a while. I will explain it with a little example. The Users will have iOS Devices and you want to make sure that all Devices are up2date with near the newest OS Version. In that case you configure a compliance policy for the OS Version as a rule. Under Devices - Compliance Policies - Add (choose the OS you want to ...
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Future Workplace – Part 1

Today I want to write a little bit about the future Workplace, the trends I see in the Market and at Customers. The future Workplace is currently one of hottest topics in the Market. In this Part 1, I focusing on the possibilities with regards to the mobile World. Yesterday, 21st of February Samsung announced the Galaxy Fold, a Device which combines the capabilities of a Smartphone and a Tablet. This will offer a lot of flexibility if you look how Users work today or think about their future ...
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