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VMware Horizon Sizing and Design

In the life of a technican it´s always important to be aware of the best practices. In case of VMware Horizon, I´ve done a lot sizing and design, been on a lot discussion around that topic and wants to share a pretty good site with you folks. one of the most important things is, sizing. That means, you have to know the configurable maximums of every solution you want to implement.

On the one side there are a lot of administration guidelines. Of course be aware of that guides and pay attention to them as well. But what would be if you have a site where you can choose the product you want to know about and get the current configuaration maximum related to it with one click?

Wouldn´t that be great? Here it is:

Configuration Maximums

On that site you will not only find VMware Horizon but other products as well.

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