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Windows 10 and the cloud clipboard

In the new Windows 10 insider preview Build 17666 (RS5) Microsoft implemented some interesting new Features. I want to explain one of the most important ones because that was what I missed long time in the past. The Cloud bases clipboard.

Usually you can copy & paste stuff on a Windows System like ctrl + c & ctrl + v. So far so good. But what is if you need to copy & paste some stuff a couple of times and maybe in a different sequences? Now no problem anymore. You can simply press Win + v which opens the history of the Cloud clipboard. You can now paste from the history as usual but pin things as well. This pinned Information will be presented on the top of the clipboard history every time. And the best, the clipboard will be synchronised to all your Windows PCs with that Windows Version and above.


Under Settings – System – clipboard you can activate the new feature.


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