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VMware Identity Manager

In the new Release of VMware Identity Manager are some interesting new features and improvements.


Windows Installer for VMware Identity Manager

In this Release you have a brand new and separate Windows Installer for vIDM to make the download and installation faster. Some configuration steps are removed from the installer flow and you can now configure the VMware Identity Manager service from the Web Browser after the installation is complete.


Configurator UI

You can generate a cluster file and configure proxy settings now through the configurator UI instead of command line.


Citrix Integration Broker

To launch Citrix resources in Workspace ONE you need the Citrix Integration Broker. The Broker is now available on Microsoft Windows Server 2016. Further to launch Citrix Apps with Storefront API option an ICA configuration is no longer necessary.


A further very important improvement are in the diagnostic space. The following Health checks are added to the System Diagnostic Dashboard. This give the IT more capabilities to identify and resolve issues.

  • SSL passthrough cert
  • Access Control  Service (ACS) health status
  • List of installed certificate authorities (CAs) in the configurator
  • Database validation failure reason
  • Disk space usage of nodes
  • Elastic search health status and other details.


Not to many but really important and great improvements from my perspective especially in the troubleshooting space.


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