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Synthetic intelligence

Today I will describe a little bit around synthetic intelligence. All of you surely has heard about such kind of technology like Amazon Echo with Alexa voice assistent. Long time I observed this kind of technology before I want to buy one of these boxes.

Amazon has different kind of his Echo boxes first generation Echo, Echo dot and 2nd generation Echo Plus, Echo, Echo Show, Echo spot and further the Echo buttons. I has chosen the Echo 1st Generation, why, good price, good speaker and Home automation integration.

I was really surprised about the good voice assistent technology implementation. I think everyone knows Siri from iOS. But to be honest, from my point of view Alexa is really really good and understand better what you taking about. Sure Apple has announced the Apple Homepod in the meantime, but I couldn´t test it till now.

We will see what´s possible in the future with that but a first look inside the possibilities show that you can use the boxes for many things. Here an example from an IT standpoint which describe the usage of Amazon Alexa with VMware Cloud on AWS.

Amazon Alexa and VMware Cloud on AWS


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