Dynamic Environment Manager (DEM) – IE trusted sites

You ever wants to set websites in Microsoft Internet Explorer as default through your whole environment? Sure, that is one of the use cases of VMware´s Dynamic Environment Manager (DEM). But what if you use the Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration? In that case you have to define which sites are associated with which security zone. There are 4 types of zones in that case: 1 = Intranet zone 2 = Trusted Sites zone 3 = Internet zone 4 = Restricted Sites zone. This ...
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Workspace ONE – Compliance Policy

Yesterday I got the question how to handle compliance policies for mobile Devices to make sure they will be fulfilled and otherwise what will happen if I update one after a while. I will explain it with a little example. The Users will have iOS Devices and you want to make sure that all Devices are up2date with near the newest OS Version. In that case you configure a compliance policy for the OS Version as a rule. Under Devices - Compliance Policies - Add (choose the OS you want to ...
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